WebMoney Exchange

A prerequisite for creating an application is linking a bank card, a Yandex account.Money to your WMID.
For binding, at least a formal WebMoney certificate is required.
For more detailed information on certification and binding of WM, we recommend contacting WebMoney support.

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A formal certificate is issued free of charge on the Certification Center's website after entering passport data.

For more detailed information on certification, we recommend contacting WebMoney support.

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1) The specified parameters do not correspond to the WMID system participant..........

The appearance of such an error means that you entered your personal data incorrectly when placing an application. The full name in the application must be specified in the same way as in the certificate.

This error can also occur if you are using a card with this number for the first time during the exchange. In this case, you need to link this card to your certificate. To link personal cards, you need to log in to the Webmoney Passport service, specify the card number, upload a scan of its front side and wait for the administrator to complete the verification. As a rule, it takes 1 working day. After that, you will be able to withdraw Webmoney to this card without hindrance.

2) The participant of the system must obtain a formal (or higher) certificate.

In accordance with the rules of the WebMoney Transfer system, the Webmoney title signs can be exchanged by a system user with a certificate not lower than a formal one. A formal certificate is issued free of charge on the website of the Certification Center (https://passport.webmoney.ru/asp/aProcess.asp ) after entering the passport data.

3) The WMID system participant needs to upload to the website https://passport.webmoney.ru/asp/bNewDocUpload.asp a color scanned copy of all the important pages of the passport and wait for the end of their verification.

In accordance with the rules of the Webmoney system, all holders of formal certificates wishing to carry out WM exchange operations must upload to the website https://passport.webmoney.ru/asp/WMCertify.asp color copies of all significant passport pages (1,2 pages and a page with a residence permit) and wait for their verification. The inspection according to the regulations takes 1-2 days. You need to upload documents 1 time in order to make further exchanges without hindrance. documents for viewing will be available only to you, and you can delete them at any time.

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