Privacy Policy

1. Which of the clients' personal information can we use?
When you register on our portal as a user, you must indicate the following information: e-mail box, virtual wallet, bank card and its validity period. This information is stored on the portal for the entire period of interaction with the organization.

2. How exactly can your personal information be used by us?
The personal information that you enter into our portal when registering can be used to:

- our services and applications can work continuously;
- the technical department of the site could function as much as possible;
- to analyze customer services in order to identify problems;
- send customers the information they need regarding services and innovations, modernization of the organization itself and its portal;
- if necessary, promptly interact with customers on their requests for services or to protect against intruders.

3. Who else is allowed to access individual customer information?
The data of the site users is confidential and cannot be disclosed to other persons. It will be possible to disclose the client's personal information only in cases stipulated by law, for example, if there is a court order or a request from law enforcement agencies, if our business is sold or restructured.

4. How do we use text cookies?

4.1. Cookie: concept and scope of application.
A cookie is a small text file that is installed on a gadget in the process of accessing websites. These files contain data that is collected from your device and sent back to the Internet resource in case of repeated visits to the same site. So the system remembers the actions of each user of the network and, based on the information received, allocates its preferences for each user of this site.

Several types of text cookies may be used on websites:

- statistical (analytical) files are used to identify each user and collect complete information about them (interests when studying content, moving around the site);
- the necessary (technical) files are required to provide user access to various services. They allow you to determine the user's software, the type of browser used, analyze the operation of new options, identify errors within the network and improve the efficiency of the Internet resource.;
- functional text files remember your preferences (language, location) and make it much easier to surf the sites that the user visits;
- third-party (advertising) text files allow you to collect statistics on how many users visit a certain site every day, what kind of ads they view, and the use of advertising cookies allows you to show ads to a selective target audience that is interested in this service or product.

4.2. How long can text cookies be stored on the device?

The information that has been collected about each user can be stored for a long time (depending on what type of cookie you use). But this period should not exceed the time required to solve the task. After a certain period of time, all information should be automatically deleted.

4.3. Who can be granted full access to cookies?

Cookies collect customer data and transmit it to Yandex and third parties. They can use this information. Information cannot be used anywhere outside the site without a user agreement. When the client is on the portal for the first time, he is automatically notified of the possibility of using cookies. They can be deleted independently in the browser settings if the user initially agreed, and then decided to refuse the use of these files.
After deletion, the automatic cookie suggestion will appear on the screen again when the portal is visited again. If you ignore it, then a number of necessary actions on the site may be blocked.
The Yandex search engine uses pixel tags to have access to cookies stored on the client's computer device. Using these tags can provide:

- identification of user operations performed by them on the portal in order to obtain the necessary services;
- analysis of information on the work of the portal as a whole, its services, Yandex programs.

5. User data security.
The portal's employees have developed highly effective ways to protect their clients' individual information. This is a comprehensive system of measures to reduce the likelihood of other persons accessing the user's personal data.
But there is still a risk that the information may be disclosed by scammers using high technology to achieve their goals. To prevent this from happening, customers need to come up with complex passwords for their account and not tell anyone about them.  In case of detection of hacking, it is urgently necessary to transfer this information to the staff of the technical department to protect the account.

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