General questions

Registration on the site is not mandatory, but it has advantages. A cumulative loyalty program with a discount system is provided for registered users. Also, registered users can use the affiliate program and earn money with us.

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1. There is a table with a list of currencies in the middle of the main page. In the left column, you need to choose what you want to give, and in the right column, what to get. Clicking on the desired direction will take you to the application page.
2. Fill out the application form. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.
3. Make the payment following the prompts on the application page.
4. After verifying your payment, the funds will be transferred to your account.

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Most exchanges on our Service are carried out automatically. They occur within 1 (one) minute after payment of the application.

Auto-exchange is performed around the clock, seven days a week.

Semi-automatic (manual) exchanges are carried out with the help of the Service operator. When making an application, a message will be displayed about the type of exchange - Automatic, Semi-automatic or Manual modes.
Processing of applications requiring the operator's participation is carried out during the working hours of the Service for from 10 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the workload of the operator.

If you have any questions, please contact the Service operator via the "Contacts" menu, by filling out the contact form, writing a message by E-mail or using the ticket system - by clicking on the "OPERATOR ONLINE" icon in the upper right corner of the site.

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Payment delay may occur for the following reasons:

1. The occurrence of a problem in the work on the side of the payment system or the bank. In this case, as soon as the problems are resolved, the funds will be credited to your account as soon as possible.

2. The user's account is blocked by the bank or payment system or has any restrictions. In this case, the funds sent by the user will be returned to the same details from which the transfer was received, minus the commission of the Service and the payment system / bank.

3. When creating the application, incorrect details were specified. In this case, if the specified account does not exist and the funds have not been transferred to it, then after the user is identified, the transfer will be sent to the correct banking details. If the account specified in the application exists and the funds have been successfully transferred to it, you need to solve the problem with the owner of this account.

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We inform our users that we have launched an application for our Service with the PWA (Progressive Web Applications) system for a more comfortable and fast exchange.

A progressive web application (PWA) is a website that looks and behaves the same as a mobile application, it can be added to the home screen of a smartphone (laptop, etc.), send push notifications, access the hardware of the device.

The application is installed on the device in one click without Google Play and other app stores. It loads quickly thanks to a pre-created page cache and weighs only a few kilobytes, thereby saving your device's memory.

Now you do not need to go online every time, look for the right exchanger and favorable rates. It is enough to install the WMExchange24 application on the screen of your device in one click (the "Install application" sign in the upper right corner of the screen) and perform exchanges at a favorable rate, as on our usual website.

Everything for a safe, comfortable and fast exchange.

Have a good day and profitable exchanges!

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